What happens when I contact you about counselling

Once you have contacted me, I will respond via e-mail to set up a meeting, usually via zoom or over the phone. This is to take some details and check if our schedule fits before agreeing to an initial assessment and working agreement.

Our first session.

Our first session may feel a bit unusual. Time spent sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone who you haven't met before and who isn't sharing their personal thoughts. You may feel heard or you may want some more interaction to feel more comfortable. The more you talk about the more we can find what you need.

What questions might come up?

Why have you chosen to come to counselling now?
Are you happy to have zoom, phone or in person counselling?
What is your support network and who knows you will be attending counselling sessions?
How will you spend the time straight after our session? 

Do you have space for my friend/relative ?

Because of the nature of counselling, it is not ethical for me to see someone who is friends with or a relative of the person I am currently in a counselling contract with.  This is called a dual relationship and can make confidentiality tricky.