What happens when I contact you about counselling

Once you have contacted me, I will respond via e-mail with a form for you to fill out. Once you have responded to the email, we can set up an initial assessment using zoom or over the phone. This would be about twenty minutes at no cost to you, discussing availability and your reason for coming to counselling.

Our first session.

Our first session may feel a bit unusual. Time spent sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone who you haven't met before. Building a good relationship is key to counselling. Taking time to share what's going on in the moment while sometimes recognising what has happened in the past. You may feel tired afterwards or that you have overshared, this is normal and it is a good a idea to spend some time doing a calming activity, maybe walking, drawing, journaling or gardening.

What questions might come up?

Why have you chosen to come to counselling now?
Are you happy to have zoom or in person counselling?
What is your support network and who knows you will be attending counselling sessions?
How will you spend the time straight after our session?
How will you feel about sharing information about yourself and others?

Why don't you share information about you?

The aim of our sessions is to provide you with a space to delve into your emotions and aspirations. It involves a paid session with a trained professional dedicated to listening and concentrating on your needs. If I were to share my own stories and experiences, it would significantly limit our time and I would be failing in my role. My role is to build trust through relational professionalism and by maintaining boundaries that facilitate our collaborative work.