Our new product Secret Treasures are available for you to choose, with a selection of fabric options and internal hand painted designs. With the added extra of choosing a gift option to add a painted stone or wooden cross to your gift to yourself or another.

See more here Secret Treasures

Painted stones

These have been a favourite for quite some time, with a selection of options available, for counselling or personal use. There is also the option to have a stone created with your own wording or imagery.

Find the choice of painted stones here.

Mask Information

The masks are made from cotton or poly cotton, each one is individually cut and sewn with a metal nose strip to help keep the mask positioned against the face. There is a space at the top of the mask for a filter to be inserted and filters can be bought separately.

 This model of mask has elastic which is left untied for you to create a snug fit around the ears or tie behind the head. The mask has three layers of fabric, the front will differ from the back, as it is advised to always wear the same way round. The masks are made with a concertina design which allows them to be folded into a pocket sized shape and protect the inner fabric. It also allows a fuller fit over the nose for easier breathing. It is advised that, while wearing, a slow breathing rate is used.