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One face mask with a metal nose strip , each one with a colour back to compliment the mask. These are created with a filter pocket gap but there is no filter included, just the mask with new soft ear elastic. There is an option to buy filters separately. The masks are made from cotton that is machine washable, however please remove any filter before washing. Recent advice from the NHS explains that a mask can offer a level of protection, through preventing hand to mouth contamination, also preventing some inhalation of air-bourn particles. However the mask needs to be washed regularly. DISCLAIMER - There is no evidence that a mask itself, or its use, prevents someone from contracting any disease. Angel Army accepts no responsibility for any person or persons who contract any disease while using this mask. Please make sure you take every precaution available to you in minimising the risk of contracting and transmitting diseases, in accordance with information and guidance provided by health authorities and other government agencies.


Fabric choice, please choose one per mask: *
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  • S - infant school child mask size
  • M - secondary school child mask size
  • L - adult mask size
  • XL - larger adult mask size
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